Ruel Vision

Video Content

Since Ruel couldn’t tour this year, why not create an entire TV network set in the 60’s to connect with his 1.5 million video content hungry fans on Insta. Shot over 5 days in studio with Ruel’s team, we made over 12 programmes, with over 15 hours of far out video content ready to be viewed at
  • Director DP Nick Rieve - Kilogram
  • Creative Director Jeremy Koren
  • DP Aydin Bozkurt
  • Post production Joel Charmaa
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Seth Sentry – Float Away - Music Video
Ruel Vision - Video Content
Music from the Home Front - TV Show
Ruel – Not Thinkin’ Bout You - Music video
Australian Chamber Orchestra – Be Moved - Content
Tones and I - Music Video
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